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Just to aware with Day!

Ghat sthapna on Day 1
First step of Navratri Puja is Ghata Sthapana. At the time of Ghata Sthapana, place a chowki where you want to put photo or idol of 9 forms of Mother Goddess Durga. Sit peacefully near the chowki.

Near this chowki put the clay pot to sow barley seeds. Pour the clay pot with layers of barley seeds and soil. Sprinkle water on it.

2. Take the Kalash or Ghat. Pour it with sacred water of Holy River Ganga (or with pure water if sacred water is not available). Put scent, flower and coins in it. Put five leaves of Mango or Ashoka tree on mouth of Ghat.

Put lid on the mouth of Ghat. Fill the lid with raw rice. Take coconut and wrap it in a red cloth. Tie Moli around it. Place it on the lid as shown in picture. Place the Ghata on clay pot. You completed the Ghata Sthapana.

Note : There may be variations according to customs. Some people place the Ghata on the clay pot. Whereas, some people place it near the clay pot. So, you may follow your custom of placing Ghata.

3. Now the second step is pray and worship of Goddess and all Gods in Ghat. Lit the lamp, because all kinds of puja starts with lighting a lamp. Now invoke (avahan, call) all Gods and sacred rivers in Ghat and pray them to purify water and reside there for nine days, destroy all obstacles of life and give wisdom.

Do worship of Kalash or Ghat with Panchopchar. Panchopchar means worship of deity with five things, i.e. Scent, Flower, Dhoop, Deepak and Naivedya. Offer these five things to deities present in Ghat. Don’t put these things inside the Ghat, put these five things near Ghat instead.

4. Chowki Sthapana : Now the third step is, installation and invoking of Goddess Durga. For this, spread the red cloth on chowki. Tie Moli around it. Now place idol or picture of Goddess Durga on the chowki.

5. Durga Puja : Now invoke Goddess Durga in idol or photo. Pray Mother Goddess to come and stay at your home for nine days of Navratri and give love in her lotus feet. After praying, do panchopchar. Offer five things to Mother Goddess.
6. Now Do Aarti of Mother Goddess. For Aarti, stand up at your place. Take Puja ki Thali and bell in hand. Sing the aarti with jingle the bell. After you complete aarti, give aarti first to Goddess Durga, Ghat (Kalash) and deities present in Ghat. At evening (sandhya) repeat the aarti.

7. You done first day worship of Navratri. Do the aarti in morning and evening (sandhya) for nine days. You should keep fast for 9 days. Many people eat only specific food known as “Saagaar” one time (at night) for nine days.

8. On eighth day of Navratri, invite little girls of age group 5-12 for food on 9th day. You can invite girls in number 1 to 9 as per your capacity.

9. Kanya Puja : On 9th day of Navratri, prepare delicious food for girls. Generally the menu for the ninth day is Halwa, Poori and Chana. Many people make Kadhi with pakodi and Kheer also.

10. On 9th day of Navratri, when girls come to your house, feed them with full love and devotion, considering that Mother Goddess Durga herself has come to get food on your invitation with love. When they finish food, put tilak on their forehead and give some gifts to them.

Navratri Puja Visarjan Vidhi:

1. On 10th day of Navratri, go to your place of worship. Take some flower and raw rice in your hand, and pray all Gods present in Ghat as follows :

“O Dear Gods! Thank you for coming. We surrender our devotional practice to you, which we done for you for nine days of Navratri. I request you to go back to your homes and come again when we pray.”

Offer flower and rice to them. Pick the Ghat and keep aside.
2. Similarly pray to Mother Goddess :

“O Mother Goddess! Thank you for coming. We surrender our devotional practice to you, which we done for you for nine days of Navratri. I request you to go back to your home and come again when we pray.”

Pick photo/idol of Goddess and put it at it’s permanent place.
3. Now collect the offerings on Chowki. Take them as Prasad. Remove cloth from the chowki. Turn aside the chowki and leave. Take the coconut on Ghat as Prasad, just eat it. Give raw rice on lid to birds to eat.

Sprinkle the sacred water of Ghat in your entire house and pray it will remove all negative energies and bring prosperity. You can also drink it and can take a bath of this sacred water.

Take out coins and keep safe along with your money, they will bring prosperity.

4. Observe the growth of barley. If they are fresh and sparkling green and in abundance, then it is sure sign of your prosperty.

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